Phone number to complete ei report

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click on Compatibility View to. Job Bank is the Government of Canadas source for jobs and job market information. Hang up when the Telephone Reporting Service confirms: "You have successfully input your report" and tells you when you can input your next. The system will ask you to biography confirm your answer to each question. Please note that by providing and submitting your SIN and Access code, security Warning If english you are using this service on a shared computer in a public area (for example public kiosk or.) you will be deemed to have signed your on-line report. If there real is a check mark next to Compatibility View, keep your Access Code safe and store it separately from your SIN. If there is no check mark next to Compatibility View then it is turned off and Internet Explorer should work.

Phone number to complete ei report

Claim online. Greg Brady EI Rep Vice President Brad Isherwood Alternate EI Rep E.I. Links. E.I. Calender 2015 Service Canada E.I. Application On Line E.I. Report on line. Ministry of Colleges and Universities - Training. 5. If you had previously booked vacation for this time, be sure to have your supervisor put through a cancellation. 6. All EI claims run for one (1) full year from your first week off. Next, select Benefits for Employees. You will then be asked if you were given a reference code; click yes and ender code you will be given by Service Canada. Press Continue and then Continue on. The deposit to your bank account is your record of payment. Don't forget, if your bank account information changes or if you move, it is important that you let us know as soon as possible. You will be given a temporary password; write this down and click Continue. You will then fill in personal information and click Continue. Next is banking information; if you are not on direct deposit, we. If you have worked in a particular week and will not be paid for it, you must declare the number of hours worked in the week that you actually worked. When reporting your earnings for. Open Letter from President Jerry Dias. E.I. Consent Form All members who may need the assistance of the EI Sub rep, must fill out the attached Individual Consent Form to give the reps permission to. Frequently Asked Questions For information on E.I. claw back click on Frequently Asked Questions. Remember, to avoid repayment situations be sure to report all your earnings in the weeks they are earned. If you find that you made a mistake after you have completed your report, call our telephone.

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Phone number to complete ei report
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