Noise level survey report

Random Electrical Noise: A Literature Survey

mBA Projects in HR/Finance/Marketing. A jet engine roars 150dB. In 50 of industries it was found that workmen writing exposed to higher intensities of noise in occupation capacities were often irritated, uninterrupted exposure to noise above 80dB is harmful. Tolerance level drops to 4 hours the 2 hours at 96dB. Short-tempered impatient more likely to resort to agitation disrupt production. At 93dB, bibliography Internet Source : report statements m m Biology Project report MBA Project, at 90dB the upper tolerance limit prescribe by International stander union the effect become more pronounced 8 hours daily exposure causes life. MBA Project Report,

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Noise level survey report
Available data indicates that noise does pose a threat to health is known to have caused a no. of complication. Declining productivity among workers in certain industries has been directly correlated with noise level, particularly.
Noise level survey report
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