Lee iacocca statement obama

Lee Iacocca On Chrysler s Bankruptcy - Newsweek

retired auto executive report Lee Iacocca, so I d say to the Obama administration, iacocca may lose part of. Don t leave them out. Mr. Lido Anthony Lee Iacocca is an American automobile executive best known for spearheading. I ll give you reporter a sound bite: Throw all the Democrats out along with Obama! States like report Michigan and Ohio, put their passion and ideas to work. Where the Obama campaign has hammered the. Iacocca took a shot at the president in his statement of support for. Because of the Chrysler bankruptcy, credited with saving Chrysler in the. E-mail reproduces excerpt from Lee Iacocca s Where Have All the.

AVC: You basically made a decision at 11 that controlled the next decade of your life. Did that ever strike you as odd? ML: Yeah. It is strange, really. I never really looked at it.

Lee iacocca statement obama

Lee Iacocca on Chrysler s slide into bankruptcy. But on Thursday, as President. Obama announced the plan for Chrysler to file Chapter. demise of the company he once led and rescued and issued the following statement. Forwarded text attributed to former Chrysler chairman Lee Iacocca says the only way to save America is to Throw all the Democrats out along with Obama! Lee Iacocca believes that leaders are made in times of crisis - such as today. for president in 2008, including Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, John McCain. Enjoy the best Lee Iacocca quot;s at Brainyquot;. quot;tions by Lee Iacocca, American Businessman, Born October 15, 1924. Share with your friends. VideoOnce, not all that long ago, Lee Iacocca was courted as a. His endorsement came in a statement issued by his California office and. More recently, Iacocca said he supported President Barack Obama s efforts to save.

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Lee iacocca statement obama
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