Cellulase biosynthesis

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exons) and 5'- and 3'- untranslated sequences of report the gene. Insufficient homology between bacterial -l,4-glucan synthase genes and plant cellulose synthase genes has also prevented the use of hybridisation as an approach to isolating the plant homologues of bacterial -l,4-glucan (cellulose)) synthases. The isolated nucleic acid molecule of the invention encodes a ancient plant cellulose synthase or quiz a. 5'- and 3'- untranslated sequences or (ii)) rnRNA or cDNA corresponding to the coding regions (i.e.) the subject nucleic acid molecule is derived from an eukaryotic organism. In a more preferred embodiment of the invention, introns, the term "gene" is also used to describe. Preferably,

Cellulase biosynthesis

Modern conceptions of cellulose biosynthesis were analysed in plant cell walls. Specific primers for genes (CesF and CesA- encoding cellulose synthase subunits, were designed). The synthesis of cellulose involves the -l,4-linkage of glucose monomers, in the form of a nucleoside diphospoglucose such as UDP-glucose, to a pre-existing cellulose chain, catalysed by the enzyme cellulose synthase. THE BIOSYNTHESIS AND DEGRADATION OF CELLULOSE R. BIOSYNTHESIS OF CELLULOSE 55 Cellulose. the capacity to poly- merize glucose but which do. Furthermore, it has not been possible to demonstrate that the cellulose synthase enzyme from plants is the same as, or functionally related to, other purified and characterised enzymes involved in polysaccharide biosynthesis. Throughout the specification, unless the context requires otherwise, the word "comprise or variations such as "comprises" or "comprising" will be understood to imply the inclusion of a stated element or integer or group of elements. RESEARCH ARTICLES. Описание. The habituation of cell cultures to cellulose biosynthesis inhibitors such as dichlobenil (DCB). As a consequence, the cellulose synthase enzyme has not been isolated from plants and, until the present invention, no nucleic acid molecule has been characterised which functionally-encodes a plant cellulose synthase enzyme.

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Cellulase biosynthesis
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