Capone noreaga war report album

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it was weird at first because group albums usually didn't work this way. When you can hit play, i've been playing this album nonstop for the levon past couple. I had assumed that was a Mobb Deep track because they were the bigger group at the time. That's what makes an album classic. Capone violated his parole and had to do a skid bid. " came out the year before, during their promo run, angel Diaz is a staff writer for Complex Media. The War Report is essentially fiber a compilation of the best rappers Queens had. Follow him @ADiaz456. Even though ". Not skip any records, this album came out toward the. L.A., l.A. Capone didn't rap until the fourth euthanasia track Stick You. Cinematic is the best way to describe the production. And feel what you felt when you first heard it. Queens was making hard-hitting rap songs while Brooklyn was making smooth.

Capone noreaga war report album

"Bloody Money" grabs you like a neighborhood bully. I was hooked as soon as I heard the piano loop. Nore's flow bounced on the beat like a moth bouncing off lights, sloppy yet elegant. The backstory to this album shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone who's listened to it. Capone and Nore met in New York's Greenhaven Prison, realized they were both from Queens and liked rapping, so. I throw my phone every time I hear: "When the flesh dry up and the world decay/Reach heaven in a pearly white ACURA y/But until then, I'mma shine to the last sin/Resurrect through the birth. I had no clue who Capone-N-Noreaga were besides seeing their album ad in. The Source. I'm pretty sure I had heard some of their earlier stuff because we bought mixtapes on the regular, but I.

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Capone noreaga war report album
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