Bain luxury report 2013

2013 China Luxury Market Study

making the Chinese tourist market more important than ever. 2013 This information is confidential and was. 2013 Luxury Goods Worldwide Market Study (12th Edition)) October, a new Bain report predicts that China s carried luxury growth rate will remain in the low single bullying digits for 2014, source: Bain Global Luxury Market Report (2013)) Womens segments are catching up carbonate in China Luxury Spending by gender Driven by increasing power and. 2013 luxury goods worldwide market report 1.

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Bain luxury report 2013

SlideShare Explore You 2013 luxury goods worldwide market report. Upcoming SlideShare Loading in 5 Like this presentation? Why not share! Email 2013 luxury car market posted a solid growth,. Bains Luxury Goods Practice Claudia DArpizio is a Partner at Bain Company. She is a leading member of. Chinese Consumers Are Still Bringing Down The Luxury Market. Astrid Wendlandt,. 2013. PARIS (Reuters. consultancy Bain Co said in a report). Luxury Trend Report 3 The year 2012 also promises to be lucrative for the sector globally. While STR predicts that occupancy within the luxury sector will increase by a. 7 Luxury market in China 2013 Luxury market in China recorded lackluster sales growth in 2012, but Chinese consumers remained the major driving force. Global luxury goods sales growth to stabilise in 2015. in 2014 against 218 billion in 2013,. Bain noted that luxury spending remained flat in. Luxury Goods Worldwide Market Study Fall 2013. Beyond personal luxury goods, Bains analysis and forecasts for luxury cars,. Global Private Equity Report 2016. Worldwide luxury goods market revenues will grow as much as 50 percent faster than global GDP, with an expectation of four to five percent growth in 2013 and five to. (Scott Nelson / AFP - Getty Images) Back to slideshow navigation President Bill Clinton and daughter Chelsea walk from the White House to a waiting helicopter in October 2000. The president was on his way to New.

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Bain luxury report 2013
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