Any reported pre fab woodburning insert fires

The Difference Between Fireplaces And Fireplace Inserts

i am out West (UTAH )) am burning cured soft wood recorded pine and cole I said for the money I do think this is a good stove and does an excellent job other than what I. Once the fire gets going it really heats our living room real good. Would definitely recommend it! Installation was not too bad, did the whole job for 1500.00 and about 5 hours of work. Still messing with ways to get heat into other rooms. It took a buddy and I a few attempts to get it right. Insert seems solid so far, wood burns completely, only lite ash is. My only gripe is the backplate email is a bit troublesome to assemble and fit on properly. Bought from Home Depot because I wanted a return option in case it didn't fit.

Any reported pre fab woodburning insert fires
I had a 1950s fireplace and was hoping to get a straight run on the chimney, but hole in stove was to far forward to allow that. We did manage to get an adjustable elbow.
Any reported pre fab woodburning insert fires
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