How to change your ringtone on iphone 4 to a song

How to change your iPhone 6s / iPhone 6s Plus ringtone

(Posts: 62; Member since: )) Seriously? Posted on, it's so hard to change a from simple thing as ringtone in IOS that you guyz had to. (banned)) (Posts: 290; Member since: )) They actually do. (banned)) (Posts: 290; Member since: )) iOS users. R u kidding me? (Posts: 100; Member since: )) Now I get it that why they are called iDiots. "hold my hand and do it for me" people I have ever covering encountered. 15:04 1 Reply 15. 31 Comments posted on, ignorant, 10:43 2 Reply 7. Reply 21. 09:38 letter 13 Reply 1. IOS users are hands down some of the most helpless, posted on,

How to change your ringtone on iphone

Reply 17. (Posts: 1984; Member since: ) There are plenty of iOS/Apple fans/apologists here. Reply 31. (Posts: 1; Member since: ) fking burn! they keep yapping but they deep down their hearts they know very. Thank god i never bought that iphone 5 as i always wanted and settled for the Lg G2 :D posted on, 09:46 10 Reply 3. android_hitman (unregistered) or maybe the Apple consumers have absolutely no. (I do visit from time to time because I at least care a little about Android, but as far as Apple news and articles go, there are much better sources.) At the end of the. Easily half of them say "oh I'll never figure that out, do it for me" when I tell them how to do a backup/restore on an iphone. Literally a six step process. (Posts: 157; Member since: ) You guys need to realize that in spite of your claims of "iPhoneArena this site is full of Apple haters and no Apple users in their right mind would frequent. Reply 29. (Posts: 4; Member since: ) If you know how to set any songs as ringtones, then you can easily change your iPhone 6/ 6 Plus ringtones. posted on, 10:23 2 Reply 5. Lol.you ask why? There has to be a tutorial just to change ringtone (apply custom ringtone)? posted on, 10:42 Thus, tutorials for the most basic of tasks. iOS users, lol posted on, 09:40 2 Reply 2. (Posts: 1763; Member since: ) "How to change your iPhone 6 / iPhone 6 Plus ringtone" That's very.

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How to change your ringtone on iphone
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